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This is the ARCHIVE of the Airsoft Articles, Reviews and Projects of BattlePriest. the former administrator of The content found here is no longer updated, but if you contact BattlePriest, he MAY be able to answer questions about the existing content. You can contact BattlePriest HERE.

Airsoft Articles
Title Author Date Written
Accuracy Tests for multiple barrel brands and types. Bullfrog 02/14/2007
Review, Takedown and Upgrade Guide for the CSI AK47 Assailant MPEG (Duraganov) Bullfrog 01/03/2007
MPEGs and their place in the AEG world

Introduction by: BattlePriest
Article #1 by: NotAnotC

In Process
The Pistol Only Revolution (POR) BattlePriest In Process
Tactical Airsoft Pistol Speed Shooting (TAPSS) BattlePriest 03/06/05
BattlePriest 01/08/05
BattlePriest 12/01/04
Instructions to assemble inexpensive BB traps Battlepriest & Yod9 09/06/04