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This is the ARCHIVE of the Airsoft Articles, Reviews and Projects of BattlePriest. the former administrator of The content found here is no longer updated, but if you contact BattlePriest, he MAY be able to answer questions about the existing content. You can contact BattlePriest HERE.

Gear and Accessory Reviews
Model Manufacturer Reviewer Date Reviewed Thumbnail
Codename Thunder DVD Review Summit Lake Entertainment BattlePriest 03/05/2005
CQC Goggle Wiley-X Battlepriest 02/06/2005

Spec Ops Tactical Gloves,
Half Finger

Tech Force BattlePriest 01/05/2005
X500T Tactical Goggles Bolle BattlePriest 12/07/2004
Enforcer Series Paratrooper Boots Bates BattlePriest 11/07/2004
Omega Tactical Vest BlackHawk Industries BattlePriest 05/02/2004
Chalker Sling BlackHawk Industries BattlePriest 04/25/2004
Morph PB/Airsoft full face mask V-Force BattlePriest 03/07/2004 Photo Coming Soon

Civillian Packaged MREs

SOPAKCO BattlePriest Ongoing  
US Military MRE XXIV, case B SOPAKCO BattlePriest Ongoing