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This is the ARCHIVE of the Airsoft Articles, Reviews and Projects of BattlePriest. the former administrator of The content found here is no longer updated, but if you contact BattlePriest, he MAY be able to answer questions about the existing content. You can contact BattlePriest HERE.

Airsoft Replica Reviews
Model Manufacturer Reviewer Date Reviewed Thumbnail
SVI Infintiy Classic Hybrid 6" Western Arms BattlePriest 02/06/2007
Review, Takedown and Upgrade Guide for the CSI AK47 Assailant MPEG (Duraganov) CSI Bullfrog 01/03/2007
Project 90 Triple Rail (P90 TR) Tokyo Marui BattlePriest 03/10/2006
SVI Infinity Expert 5" Western Arms BattlePriest 03/10/2006
Hi-Cappa 5.1 K Ver. 2 Wei Etech and
Airsoft Elite
Guy With A Gun 03/09/2006
G3SAS Tokyo Marui FLOFILLA 09/08/2004
Sig 552 SEALS Tokyo Marui Raijin 07/01/2004
Steyr AUG Civilian Tokyo Marui BattlePriest 07/05/2005
SVI Xcelerator 5" Fluted Black Western Arms BattlePriest 10/17/2004
AK Beta Spetznaz AEG Tokyo Marui BattlePriest 03/20/2004
SVI Xcelerator 5" Limited Ed. GBB Western Arms BattlePriest 01/05/2004
M24 Sniper Rifle w/gas bolt Classsic Army Yod9 03/23/2004