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This is the ARCHIVE of the Airsoft Articles, Reviews and Projects of BattlePriest. the former administrator of The content found here is no longer updated, but if you contact BattlePriest, he MAY be able to answer questions about the existing content. You can contact BattlePriest HERE.

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03/01/08 - Backup and Archive of site complete.

02/08/07 - Added a barrel accuracy test results article by Bullfrog.
02/08/07 - Airsoft Specialists Blog goes online.
01/30/07 - Added a TAPSS results page to the TAPSS article, Added an official member list page to the POR article.
01/03/07 - Added an Article/Review of the CSI AK47 Assailant MPEG, which includes a takedown guide and an upgrade guide. Written by Bullfrog of ASF
11/24/06 - Many updates, including a review for the Western Arms Infinity Expert 5", and the addition and updates to the Pistol Only Revolution article.
03/06/05 - Added a Review of the Codename Thunder DVD as well as an Article with rules for TAPSS
02/05/05 - Added a review of the Wiley-X CQC goggle and an unfinished Article about TM AEG selection.
01/05/05 - Added a review for Tech Force half finger tactical gloves, updated gear reviews list order.
12/07/04 - Added a review for Bolle X500T goggles, and a new article about Dual Pistol Loadouts.
11/07/04 - Added a review of the Bates Paratrooper Boots to the gear section, updated gear review list.
09/06/04 - Xcelerator Fluted Black review added. Pics added to existing Omega Vest & Chalker Sling reviews
09/06/04 - Review for the TM Steyr AUG SRT added, Our First Article added. New Author and G3SAS review
07/01/04 - New Author added, Tokyo Marui Sig 552 SEALS review added.
04/25/04 - New Gear review added, New items added to que in Guns, Gear and Accessories.
03/23/04 - New Sponsor Added, Classic Army M24 SOCOM Review added
03/20/04 - Tokyo Marui AK Beta Spetznaz Review Added