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Humble Beginnings
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My teenage bedroom

Early Art "Classroom", 1964.

Here is a picture of my bedroom, taken when I was 16. Hanging above my bed in this picture are 3 drawings I did when I was taking a correspondence course from Art Instruction Schools. (They didn't have a web site back then, oh the times have changed)



Pen Drawings

Art Instruction Schools Assignments.


High School Teachers

I did these pencil drawing of my high school science and phys-ed teachers in 1965.


Jesus Christ

Oil painting, done in 1975

I did two of these paintings as
gifts to my Mom and my


Dr. Suess and Freinds

This is a b&w photo of a wall painting that I did in 1973 in my son's room. The painting covers one entire wall and consists of characters from my son's books, mostly Dr. Seuss books (Does anyone remember those?) The small painting in the lower right corner was done by my son when he was 5 years old...he is now 39. The wall was done in color, using regular wall paint


These two drawings I did in for a cookbook that was published by a nursing home I worked at in 1976. I did all of the illustrating for the cookbook, which involved 8 original drawings for each individual heading.


This is a painting I did on the wall of my son's bedroom in 1988.

Class of "66

Composite Portrait
Done in colored pencil in September, 2006

The class of "66 had their 40th reunion in September of 2006. I had only done 2 colored pencil drawings at that time. I decided I would do a composite drawing of the class, and they could purchase a copy for $2.00 (I did not make any money on this project). It took me 60 hours to draw the head and shoulders of each class member, then it took me another 60 hours to apply the colored pencil. I took the original drawings to the reunion and had each one that was attending sign their name under their picture. That would become a permanent record of who attended the 40th reunion. At the 50th or 60th reunion, we might not be remembering things very well!! I then had the 2 original pages scanned and put together in the composite that you see here.



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