Welcome to CaelynTek Video Productions. My name is Caelyn. I live in Cincinnati and I have been creating and publishing videos online and on DVD-R since 2004. I have worked in many different subjects such as airsoft and paintball, dance and theater and web based commercials for products and services. I also have begun work on some short films still in the concept stages. In addition to working on my own projects, I have also worked with Summit Lake Films as a camera operator. I do not consider myself a "professional" but I certainly know what I am doing with a camera and an editor. In my "Day Job" I work at a major university doing desktop support, audio visual and web content work that includes video production and publishing.

If you are interested in having your event filmed, be it a dance or theater event, a wedding or a barmitzvah or batmitzvah, please check out my Event Videos page for my plans and rates. I do NOT charge more for weddings than I do for other events, and I think you will find that my prices are very competitive.
I can also help you film Special Projects. If your group wants to make a web based commercial or you have a product you would like to have a commercial or demonstration video for, I can help you with concept, writing, filming, directing and editing. The same is true for all kinds of special events or projects that might benefit from an experienced videographer. Does your paintball or airsoft team want to make a promotional video? Would your up and coming local band like to create a music video? My rates for Special Projects are negotiated on a per project basis. Check out my Special Projects page for details.
If you would like to contact me, you can do so by going to my blog and using the Contact Me link on the upper left hand side. You can also check my blog for any news or other information regarding my ongoing projects.
And finally, if you would like to see examples of some of the projects I have worked on, visit my Portfolio page to see a list of youtube videos and testimonials by those I have worked with in the past.
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