Welcom to the CaelynTek VP Portfolio:
Here I will show you examples of my past work and share with you the comments on my work by my customers and other viewers. The following videos are embedded from my Youtube account and are as such, much lower video quality than the original files.
Dance Music and Theater:  

Cincinnati RSCDS Demo Team Performance

This is a playlist of several videos I shot at the Harriet Tubman Theater, in Cincinnati on Feruardy 10th, 2007. They were done for the Cincinnati Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Demonstration Team.

The setup and lighting of the Harriet Tubman Theater was perfect for video capture and I had access to the balcony to set up my camera. The result was a well lit and well framed video capture. This kind of theater and lighting set up is nearly ideal for dance performances. If I had two cameras at the time this was filmed I could have gotten a close up angle as well and made a better production, but at the time I only had the Canon Optura 30 and with Scottish Country dance, it is important to show the patterns of the dance from above to express the complexity of the dance.


Louisville, KY RSCDS Informal Dance

This video compilation was filmed at an informal dance hosted by the Louisville KY branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. It was held in a Louisville Presbyterian Church meeting hall. I did this one pro-bono. I shot from two different angles with the same camera. The overhead was shot from a very tall rickety ladder on the stage of the hall, the low angle shot was done from Tripod.

The dancers in this video were not "Professional" dancers, rather they were simply members of the local RSCDS club. I did this one for them to help them promote their local group.

Special Projects:  

Crave Energy Drink Web Commercial "Crave Athlete"

This piece was done under contract with Richard Nagle, a sales associate with Vitamark International. I wrote the commercial's script, directed and shot the scenes, then edited the video as well. Richard provided the promotional graphics and recruited the actress. The soundtrack consists of a portion of Swan Lake, and a metal song under license with Jody Hawkins.

This project required about 35 minutes of raw video with mutiple takes on each scene to come up with the final 1:59 video.

"Caelyn has created 2 advertising videos for my energy drink business. I know numerous video production people, but I asked Caelyn to create my videos because I know that his creative vision would flow, and come through in the videos he produced. The outcome was more than I could have asked for, and the videos are so popular that they've been picked by my parent company for advertising on the corporate website. CaelynTek Video Production will get your business noticed. So what are you waiting for? Carpe Diem!"

Richard Nagle
Crave Energy Drink
Vitamark International


Crave Energy Drink Web Commercial "Crave Gamer"

This piece was also done under contract with Richard Nagle of Vitamark International. This one was concieved on the fly and filmed without a script over a period of about 2 hours.

With a total nearly 1 hour of filmed scenes, I managed to edit it down to 3:32 in the final.


TSRCAR Promotional Video

This is a promotional video I made for the Tri-State Remote Control Auto Racers club in Hamilton, OH. I filmed this one as a portfolio builder. The TSRCAR members allowed me access to the infield of their track during practice and race sessions, In all I recorded approximately 45 minutes of video and edited it down to the final 3:31.

"TSRCAR was very excited to have Caelyn Nagle video our race. It is often hard to explain to people exactly what RC racing is. His video is a great visual of what RC racing is and what TSRCAR provides for a full racing experience. Capturing good quality video of these cars is very difficult do to their small size and speeds in excess of 60mph. Caelyn did an excellent job not only filming the action but doing it very discreetly as to not to distract the racers and turn marshals."

Doug Flack


Airsoft, Paintball and Sports Videos:  

Codename Thunder 3 Webisode and DVD

In these videos, produced and directed by Summit Lake Films, I was a camera operator both in and out of game at the Codename Thunder 3 Airsoft scenario game in Joliet, IL. I used my Canon Optura 30 while out of game and my Bulletcam while playing in game. The three videos in this playlist are hosted at Summit Lake's Youtube page and each contains several scenes filmed by me.

"Caelyn contracted with us to do a few days of shooting for one of our Airsoft events. He brought a lot to the production, including his hi-tech gear, which gave the finished product a cutting-edge look. Some of his ideas and footage saved the project in fact, as he managed to capture some of the critical moments of the event when other cameramen had failed. His knowledge of the editing process also definitely made the difference in the long run. I would recommend CaelynTek to anyone and look forward to working with him again in the future."

Justin Brown

Producer / Director
Summit Lake Entertainment


The Hunt at Dragon

I shot this video at the Codename Dragon Airsoft scenario event hosted by Summit Lake Entertainment. In this scene I noticed a player embarking on a mission to hunt down a sniper, and I took up behind him to catch the hunt on video.


ETAPSS Demonstration Film

This video was shot as a demo to promote the Airsoft sport called Enhanced Tactical Airsoft Pistol Speed Shooting. (A rules system I designed) This commerical was to promote my own airsoft shooting range in Hamilton, OH. (Now closed) While the range did not succeed, I still consider this video to be a good representation of my videography and editing skills.

All the footage used in this video was filmed by me and stars me. I was the only one in the range that day. It was done with tripods and by hand with several takes on each scene. I edited all the scenes together to make the seamless demo you see.

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