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"Please Look At My Stuff!"
This is a documentary due to be filmed at Wizard World Chicago 08. It's primary goal is to document the trials, tribulations and wierdness that goes along with being an Artist's Alley Exhibitor at this major comic book and media convention

I don't know about you, but one of the most exiting things to do at Wizard World Conventions is browse the Artist's Alley. Even before I was "In the business" of comics and displaying my own works at Artist's Alley, I spent a lot of time there perusing new artist's work, looking at fresh new comics being self published or published under REALLY small press. I talked one on one with people who could be the hottest creators of tomorrow, if only given the chance.

Some of them are just doing it for the fun of it, some are trying desperately to make a profit, or start their own publishing business. Some are hoping to be recognized and hired by the likes of DC, MARVEL, Image, Darkhorse etc... Others are just hoping to be able to sell out, and make off with some cash when a major publisher buys their story.

Well I tell you from experience, it's a long hard road for many of them, especially those who have day jobs, families to feed and too many other things that keep them from diving in feet first as a profession. Some are starving artists... literally. Others may be doing well with a day job, but desperately wish they could be doing comics and art for their living.

Well, after over 5 years of the Artist's Alley experience I decided to document some of the trials, tribulations and general weirdness that is the life of an Artist Alley exhibitor.

For this documentary, I'll be filming candid and staged interviews with Artist's Alley exhibitors and professional badge holders, walk
throughs of the entire Artist's Alley, and of course the parties I am lucky enough to happen across. Parties are a big deal for the Artist's Alley exhibitors and professionals, because that is where some of the most lasting inter-exhibitor and inter-industry networking can be done.

If you are an Artist's Alley Exhibitor or a Professional Badge holder, and would like to be interviewed for this documentary, contact me via the PM system, or stop by the Kaosfield Studios table at WWC's Artist's Alley in June. If you see me walking around with my camera and a microphone, say hello to me.

I also plan to do some candid interviews with patrons of the Artist's Alley, asking your opinions on some of the work you've seen there. So stop me if you see me. I'll have my CaelynTek Video Productions badge right under my Convention Badge.

The documentary will be available for purchase on DVD online when it is finished, and at the Kaosfield table at WWC 2009. Short previews of it will be available for viewing on Youtube as well.

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