Tools of the Trade:
Before I go on to list all the nice toys I use to create videos, I have a little to say about the perceptions people have regarding what makes an artist, or in this case a videographer "Professional". I'm sure you or someone you know may have said this before: "Hey look at the video camera that guy has, he must be a professional". Well I probably have said that myself at one point in time. But now I know the truth. The video camera someone has is no true measure of his/her professionalism or talent when it comes to videography or editing. Most often all that means is that the person in question has a lot of money to spend, and nothing better to spend it on. I have known quite a few people with VERY nice, VERY expensive video and still cameras, that couldn't frame a shot or focus to save their life, and couldn't edit or post process a good film either.

I only add this list of my tools because it will tell you that I have the tools I need to do what I say I can do. But my portfolio will be the measure that shows that I actually have the TALENT to do what I say I can do. This being said, a trained eye might notice that I do not have the very expensive camera's and equipment you might expect a "professional" videographer to have. I mean of course the shoulder mounted cameras with the big fancy lenses and attachments. I will admit that I WANT such hardware, but I will only justify such hardware when I can say my work will pay for it.

So without further ado...


Apple iMac 20"


2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2 Gb 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
320 GB Hard Drive
150 GB External HD
DVD DL Superdrive
Sony external dual layer DVD-RW
Mac OSX Leopard

My primary video editing software is Apple's Final Cut Express 4. I also use iMovie '08 for video blogging.


JVC Everio HDD, GX-MG555U

30 GB Hard Disk
5 Megapixel CCD

The hard drive allows for 7+ hours of DVD quality video capture and I have battery life of over 3 hours between two batteries. Camera can also be operated indefinitely under AC power when used at a stationary position.

This camera provides fair low light response under certain conditions, but operates best with medium or better lighting, while operating perfectly in sunlight conditions.

This camera is capable of 16:9 widescreen format capture.


Canon Optura 30 Mini DV

Mini DV tape camera
2 Megapixel CCD

The interchangeable mini DV tapes provide for 60 minutes each of DVD quality video. I have 1 battery good for about 45 minutes of mobile use and the camera can also be operated indefinitely under AC power at a stationary position.

This camera is capable of 16:9 widescreen format capture.



Bulletcam 480

Sony CCD
480 Lines of resolution

The Bulletcam is a small digital camera that you can wear on your head with a velcro strap or mount to a helmet giving a first person perspective. It is used in conjunction with a digital video camera or recording device. I use it with the Everio HDD in a belt pouch to capture up to 2 hours of first person video at a time. Most often used for sports, airsoft and paintball, it's creative uses are endless.


Digital Concepts Lenses

0.5X Wide Angle Lens
2.0X Telephoto Lens

The lens attachments will help me get closer to my subjects in more ways than one. The Wide angle lens will allow me to move in closer in small spaces and capture more of the scene than I could without it. The telephoto lens will allow me to double the camera's zoom level while framing long distance subjects.


External Microphones

I may need to use different microphones for different situations. Pictured here are:

A sony V-220 unidirectional handheld microphone.

A Sony stereo condenser omnidirectional microphone

An Audio Technica lapel microphone.

Plans for the future:

I plan to purchase and utilize several new toys once I have generated enough cash to do so. Such as a stereo boom mic for my Everio hot shoe and a set of two soft box studio lights. Perhaps much later I may go for a "Professional Grade" camera, but I really don't see the need. My current cameras have served me quite well.

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